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If you own or run a commercial enterprise, it is inevitable that disputes will arise.  They are simply a fact of life and something you cannot avoid or fully control.

However, what you can try to control is how you seek to resolve them and the approach you choose can have a huge impact on your both your finances and time.  There are rarely any real winners in a dispute so minimising the impact, as far as possible, by trying to settle quickly is without doubt the best approach. 

If you can move from a conflict focused and stressful situation towards resolution and calm, then perhaps you can avoid or at least minimise, ‘your own banquet of consequences’.

Using the mediation process and thus adopting a flexible and proactive approach to dispute resolution really works and results in a negotiated settlement in the vast majority of cases saving time, stress and money.

“By using mediation you should be able to mitigate the effects of your disputes.”

“…most people who disagree with each other most of the time don’t disagree on the facts. They simply have a different set of facts that they chose to prioritise and is often the case that two opposed parties are both correct within the province of the facts they chose to focus on…”

John Stuart Mill

As such, using an independent third-party mediator can help both parties widen their understanding and perception of the facts, more readily see the other parties’ point of view and thus facilitate a negotiated settlement.  If this happens not only will you save time and money, but the stress and risk associated with disputes will be substantially mitigated.

As a Barrister with over 25 years of experience dealing with a raft of issues and disputes and with a few battle scars along the way I hope that I’ve encouraged  you to embrace mediation as a process because I genuinely believe it can work extremely well, saving you time and money.

I am available to assist you as your Mediator and will work hard to resolve your dispute in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

For further details on my background and experience, please click here.

Mediation can move you from the chaos to the calm

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